Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rebuilding Generations?
Rebuilding Generations is a faith based youth mentorship program, working with youth as young as 7, that introduces the participants to life lessons that apply to our lives everyday, and to careers in the automotive industry through the repair and restoration of vehicles.
How often does Rebuilding Generations meet?
Rebuilding Generations meets weekly between January until the first Saturday of November (SEMA Week). Typically we meet on Tuesday nights, but it varies depending on the project and group. We also participate in local and regional Automotive shows and events as field trips and promotional adventures. You are welcome to come and visit. Guests are invited to join us for two weeks and then decide if you want to formally sign up and join the crew!
Who Benefits from the Rebuilding Generations Program?

Everyone! Rebuilding Generations is a 100% Volunteer program.

The youth benefit by gaining hands on experience working with mentors on a range of projects. The RG educational program includes a 20 module comprehensive automobile curriculum, including hands on labs and a certificate recognized by the automotive industry. We are very proud of the many students that have gone on to careers in a variety of industries and some into the military. All young people today need more hands-on life skills and less screen time!

The mentors, who are made up of adult volunteers and young adults who have been through the program benefit because Rebuilding Generations provides opportunity for them to share their knowledge and an environment that fosters bridging the gap between generations in both trade expertise and life skills.

Our generous sponsors benefit from product branding to a variety of ages that fosters both media recognition and long-term product name recognition and support.

The industry benefits because Rebuilding Generations equips the youth and their parents in a low risk, low cost way to investigate real world career opportunities, gain self-confidence and ability and be prepared for life and their secondary education options.

Who can Join?

Rebuilding Generations works with qualifying youth as young as 7 years old. To qualify, everyone must arrive on time and participate in the build projects and shop maintenance tasks. Parents of youth under the age of 12, must attend each session with their child. Youth under 12 and their parents will need to all agree that their child is prepared and capable of participating in the program.

Youth 12 through 16 may attend without their parents. Ages 16 through 18 are mentored towards taking on more leadership role assignments.

Anyone is encouraged to join in and be a part of Rebuilding Generations even if you have never considered yourself mechanical. We have many examples of parents and youth growing meaningful relationships that have led to positive decisions and life choices. Sharing together in a common project is a powerful way to connect with one another, old and young alike.

How can I help?

If you would like to assist through a financial gift, please see our "Donate" button on our home page.

If you are interested in becoming a product or build sponsor, please email

If you are a person of faith, we ask that you pray for our youth and our mentors.

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