Giving back through life-changing experiences.

Our History

Starting in 2012 We have worked with industry leaders  as a non profit organization, to introduce the next generation to the trade crafts and industry opportunity available to them. Working with youth as young as 7 years old, we have provided an environment to safely explore a variety of trades under the guidance of Master-craftsmen of the Automotive industry. 

Our Team

Our amazing team is built from the ground up as a non profit organization with a 100% volunteer staff, with a focus on Rebuilding the relationships between Generations. We weld the relationships of Experience (Adult) and Exploration (youth) through the almost lost philosophy of Apprenticeship and Mentorship roles. 

Our Vision

"Rebuilding Generations is a nonprofit youth mentoring program designed to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations by providing opportunities to work side-by-side in the repair and restoration of old vehicles."

Sponsor Spotlight: OPTIMA Batteries

For November 2021 Rebuilding Generations would like to say thank you to our SEMA attendance sponsor, OPTIMA Batteries!

Thank you OPTIMA Batteries for your continued support of Rebuilding Generations.

We had a very unique  build for SEMA 2021 in the Rebuilding Generations Volvo 780 Bertone Concept car, and you put us out front under the flag poles. It doesn’t get any more out front than that!

OPTIMA Provides the highest quality batteries for just about any automotive or commercial vehicle application. Be sure to check out their website for information and options for your Red top, Yellow Top or Blue Top application at WWW.OPTIMABATTERIES.COM



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SEMA Week Video 2016

Sarge Unveiling SEMA

Interview with Stacy David

Interview with Stacy David at SEMA 2016

Bryan from Innovative Tools

Bryan from Innovative Tools at SEMA 2016

Hatcher uses the Mill 2016

1967 Camaro Convertible

Hatcher on 1967 Camaro Convertible 2016

Innovative Tools Parts Rack

Greg and his son assemble and Innovative Tools parts rack
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