Davies Owens

Davies Owens RG Mentor

Davies Owens opened his own go-cart repair business in his parent’s garage when he was 12 years old. If you ask him, he might show you the video from the local NBC station that covered his business exploits. Although he wanted to learn more, his parents divorced and his father was not around. The older guys in his neighborhood who restored cars in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia were not interested in mentoring. Years later he would receive training by a close friend who was a master mechanic at a local Volvo dealership. Soon, working on Swedish cars became second nature, although he is a fan of anything with four wheels and a motor! Having spent more than 30 years working in non-profits from local churches to schools, he knew raising up a generation with faith and character happens best in a mentoring environment, especially when sharing a project. When Davies heard about RG, he knew it would be the ideal environment to combine mentoring, car repair, and restoration. He has seen the fruit of the RG program in the lives of his own children and knows that profound discoveries happen when young people put down their screens, build their skill set, and experience restoration through working on cars in a mentorship setting.

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