SEMA 2015 Photo Gallery

SEMA Show 2015 Photo Gallery

Once again Rebuilding Generations is off to the SEMA Show 2015. Rebuilding Generations took some great shots, which you can look at below in the SEMA Show 2015 Photo Gallery. The first group of guys ran in to a small problem on the way down when they noticed that the trailer tires were extremely worn. Thus the picture of the Rebuilding Generations guys in front of a Walmart Tire shop in Utah. The SEMA Show 2015 was packed with many amazing cars including Ferrari 458’s, Saleen S7’s and hundreds of other cars and trucks of all makes and models. Some of the largest manufacturers such s Ford, Honda, and Cheverolet are at the SEMA Show 2015, as well as many celebrities of the automotive industry. Some of the celebrities in the SEMA Show 2015 photo gallery include Charley Hutton from Charley Huttons Color Studio, Horny Mike from Counts Customs, and Stacey David from the t.v. show Gearz. The Rebuilding Generations guys even had their own car in Optima Alley which is where all the racers in the “Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car” are stationed. Rebuilding Generations was most fortunate and thankful for the opportunity to station their 1972 lime green Plymouth Duster in Optima Alley. The car barely came together in time for the SEMA Show 2015 and still gave us problems such as overheating during the parade. In the end it was certainly worth the hard work and was a great privilege to have at the SEMA Show 2015. Although cars are a very big attraction at SEMA, they wouldn’t be there without all of the Vendors Booths that hold them. The SEMA show attracts mass amounts of vendors and manufacturers in the automotive industry. Durring Rebuilding Generations trip they had the opportunity to thank many of their sponsors including: Optima Batteries, Flex-a-lite, Painless, and many more.