Ronn Brown

Age: 46

Home town: Meridian, ID

Growing up, I was fortunate to be able to live with my mother and brother, Sean, in Truckee, CA where we learned to hunt, fish, ski and appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. While in high school, I developed a passion for all types of cars and racing. I spent most of my spare time rebuilding and restoring various types of cars, was taught how to paintthem and do body work. I taught and competed in cross ­country and downhill skiing, BMX, and Mt. bike racing. I moved to Idaho about 19 years ago and have been employed as a heavy equipment operator, a journeyman glass glasier and now drive local truck for Saia Transport.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, racing, playing guitar and spending time with my kids. At age 4 1/2, my son, Evan, asked me and his grandfather if he could try go kart racing. We obtained a kart, set it up and took him racing where he excelled then, and continues to excell at the age of 13 in the very fast Legends Cars.

Between me and my parents, along with some faithful sponsors, we have been able to put and keep Evan in competitive equipment, which he has used to the fullest. From a very young age, Evan showed an interest in working with tools and was always in the garage helping me and learning. My goal, along with his grandparents, is to make every effort to provide him with the tools he needs to be as successful as he can be. I am most proud of him for his racing development and in his school GPA of 4.0. I will continue to help him with his desire to become a career race car driver.