Innovative Tools

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Product: Shop Equipment

Since 1996, Innovative Tools & Technologies has dedicated its resources to helping customers be more efficient, productive – and profitable – with its uniquely designed and virtually indestructible work and parts management systems. The company evolved out of necessity. Founder Bryan Johnson, an auto body technician for more than 21 years, was literally over a barrel, as was the rest of the auto body repair industry.

At that time, plastic bumper covers were placed over trash barrels for painting, baking and curing, and the end result was often “trash:” uneven paint coverage, unpredictable texture and distorted shape. Not to mention the tedious set-up process. There had to be a better way to support and secure bumpers during the repair and paint process, and Bryan created it: the SuperStand.

Not only did the SuperStand take bumper quality to the next level, it saved at least half an hour of labor per bumper, paying for itself in less than a month. Bryan’s colleagues saw the system and had to have it. Other shops heard about the super-star bumper stand and ordered it.