Ian Burnett

Ian Burnett has always enjoyed being around anything that required “hands-on” work. From his earliest days at age 7 building a “kid” sized picnic table & benches to age 12 where he followed in the footsteps of his father designing carburetors. His family had three race cars & he was hooked. At age 12 he bought his first car, and had his first job pumping gas. He worked around cars installing stereos until a friend suggested he try for a fire department job. He did & spent the next 28+ years around ‘big toys’; helping people and getting paid to do a job he’d done for free. His family has always supported his passion for cars. Ian and his wife retired to Idaho in 2014 and built his dream shop. Nobody would have suspected he would end up sharing it with Rebuilding Generations. He has been blessed with an awesome family, great friends and the ability to do what he loves. Drive-On.