How 1 weld can change a life

16334Here at Rebuilding Generations, Lincoln Electric donated a Mig welder, helmets and clothing to support our program. We never in all our wildest dreams expected that piece of equipment to have such a profound effect on one young man. This 15 year old is your typical teenager with all the issues of that age plus a few extra’s, split family, a wonderful sister that needs full time care due to a debilitating disease. He also has a caring, special step dad but had not connected with him. This gentleman was already a member of Rebuilding Generations and brought his step son one evening. This young man was shy and not sure of his interest in the group and the cars. He kept coming with the adults always making sure he was working with something new on the cars. We still hadn’t peeked his interest or enthusiasm. Then came a needed project. Body carts to support the dismantled cars. We let the kids evaluate some carts, suggest improvements and differences. Once the design was finalized they cut, ground,drilled and finally welded them together.

This is the Great part of the story – We found a “natural” welder, I’ve included pictures of the cart and specifically of the “1 weld” that changed a life. This young man welds better than than any of the 20+ adult mentors. This group has some awesome welders so the benchmark is extremely high.

He found his passion.  He may or may not become a professional welder but he now has a little more spring in his step. We see a young man that has improved socially, emotionally and is better at home now. He also thinks his step dad is pretty Cool now.

It is true that one person or group can make a difference

As I write this I have to wipe a tear from my eyes. I’m so Proud.

I’m also sure Lincoln Electric never expected their welder to change a life so profoundly.

Lincoln Electric, Thank you so much.

Ian Burnett

Rebuilding Generations (Mentor)