Evan Brown

Evan Brown ­ Age 13

Home Town ­ Meridian, ID

Racing Experience ­ 9 years

At age 4 1/2, I started racing IKF Sprint Karts and won back to back championships and Rookie of the Year. After 2 seasons in Kid Karts, I was allowed to move into the very competitive JR­1 Series. I finished 2nd in championship three times plus Rookie of the Year and 3rd in the  championship one time (very tough division). After 4 seasons in JR­1, I entered the Winged Outlaw Dirt Karts (125 cc class) where I
was very competitive.

2015 ­ I then left karting and moved to an entirely different type of racing and car. I began my “short track” racing at Meridian Speedway in essentially a mini­stock VW Jetta in the Jr. Stinger Division. I finished second in the championship and again received Rookie of the Year honors. (First place Accura was way too fast) 2016 ­ I made a big move when I began racing at a semi­pro level in the Legends Car Division, which is a very fast, purpose built race car in a highly competitive form of racing.

As of July 2, 2016, I am in first place in the Young Lions championship, in 5th place overall in all divisions, way out in front of the other rookies for Rookie of the Year Honors. I am in first place for the Idaho State Championship in the Young Lions Division and currently ranked 59th overall in the
nation, all in my rookie season. I have also maintained a 4.0 GPA my 2015­2016 school year.nMy goals: To continue my education with consideration being given to a mechanical enineering degree and to secure a driver development contract with a major NASCAR team in the Camping

World Truck Series, making racing my initial career by age of 15­16. Other interests: I very much enjoy building hot rods, hunting, fishing, off road riding, target shooting, working on things mechanical and basketball. It is most important to also note that through one of my sponsors, my Dad and I were invited to join the Rebuilding Generations organization. This organization has an incredible “mission”, if you will. It offers to teach interested youths many of the “lost arts” associated with working with the building and restoration of many varieties of automobiles, the correct use of tools and machinery associated with the auto industry, while instilling values and ethics in each of us. I am most fortunate to have been invited to join and we fully intend to remain involved for a very long time.