• Evan Brown

    Evan Brown ­ Age 13 Home Town ­ Meridian, ID Racing Experience ­ 9 years At age 4 1/2, I started racing IKF Sprint Karts and won back to back championships and Rookie of the Year. After 2 seasons in Kid Karts, I was allowed to move into the very competitive JR­1 Series. I finished […]

  • Pacen de Belloy

    Pacen is 16 and entering into his junior year at High School. His third word (following mom and dad) was “car.” He was fascinated with any kind of car as a child, but in the last several years his passion has leaned significantly toward tuner cars. He has an appreciation for the muscle cars that […]

  • Dawn Nelson

    Dawn Nelson heard about Rebuilding Generations through her boyfriend (who is also another one of the youth members in the program), Nathan Johnston. She was excited to have an opportunity such as this program provides because she had no previous experience working on cars and wanted to learn for educational purposes/any skills that are useful […]

  • David Vaughan

    Filmmaking has been a passion of David’s for most of his life. It started as a hobby in high school and has turned into a career for him. Since 2009, David has run his own video production business, Lens Fusion, and created marketing videos, commercials, and many other types of videos for a wide range […]

  • Harmon Keep

    Harmon is 11 years old and attends middle school as a 6th grader. He loves drawing, basketball, running and hunting with his dad. Harmon has been attending Rebuilding Generations since the first day and couldn’t wait to be old enough to work on the cars. This year he has learned how to weld and has […]

  • Hatcher Keep

    Hatcher is an enthusiastic 9 year old that loves to follow in his dads’ footsteps. He loves running, basketball and anything else that involves sports. Hatcher is in 3rd grade and is in the Challenge program at school. He loves attending Rebuilding Generations every Wednesday night, and looks forward to learning more about cars through […]

  • Nathan Johnston

    Nathan Johnston first heard about Rebuilding Generations through a former welder for the program. Nathan was excited about the program, because he had no experience working on cars, and wanted to learn (Not to mention he’s a HUGE car enthusiast; he has no favorite car, he loves them all!). Nathan loves the program at Rebuilding Generations very […]

  • Brandon Cobb

    Born in June, 1997, premature, ghost white, and not breathing, its a miracle that Brandon Cobb is here today and so blessed with what he has. He enjoys artistic activities, costume making, with his favorite hobby being sewing. He loves cars, mainly imports and euro manufactures, and is interested in extreme sports. Brandon’s father was an auto mechanic for two […]

  • Dylan Taylor

    Dylan started coming to Rebuilding Generations with his grandfather Lynn Hawkins and really enjoyed working on the cars. He enjoys learning about cars and God at the same time. His favorite car is a 1953 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra.