Banquet 2015



RG 12/11/2015

Kevin’s Vision Based on His Passions and Life Experiences

The vision: is to bring older and younger generations together to work side by side so that we would have an opportunity to share our common passions, knowledge, skills, and talents.  This is done in a Christian environment where we break bread together, share from God’s word, build each other up and encourage one another weekly.

What do we do? Car Restoration

We take Old Classic cars that once turned the heads of previous generations but maybe have sat around a long time in a garage somewhere.

Maybe some of the old parts are showing some wear and tear from years of running around.  The guys remove and restore theses parts to be as close to the OEM prototype as possible.

We have guys who have run or are running their own shops and they use their skills to organize the work and get us functioning as a team

Sometimes technology has changed and there are after market parts that the team wants to incorporate to enhance the look and performance

Maybe the car has been garaged because the engine and drive train have been neglected and damaged in some way.  We have master Mechanics who train the guys to work together to get the power plant functioning as originally designed.

Maybe the car has been stored because the body is damaged or the interior is in rough shape.  We have experts in restoration that have come in and teach the guys to Paint, sand, weld and restore the beauty of the vehicle.

There are many other systems the guys work on such as: electrical, brake lines, gas lines, the wheels and breaks all of these are assembled together to make the vehicle operate properly.

Kevin, because of his many years in the car industry has many contacts and has done all the administrative work to get sponsors to donate parts in return for positive advertising of their products.

The cars are taken to the SEMA show in Vegas and to many other local shows to display the teams handy work.

This year some of the guys will even get to take a car out on the track and run a race against the clock.

God’s Rebuilding Project:

The Vision: That God would call together men and women from every tribe tongue and language to share their common passions, knowledge skills, abilities and talents that He would supply them with for the purpose of taking His message around the world.

For His project He called on His Master Builder, His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus said I will build my Church and the competition will not prevail against it

Jesus Christ Himself is the prototype for this build out.  He will assemble the parts in such a way that together they will display His light to a dark world.

Jesus is taking the vehicle for His message out of the garage in Jerusalem where it was parked for 2000 years. He is putting it back on the road and going Mobile.

The builders there had lost the spirit to complete the build so Jesus came to breathe new life into this project.  He is using the original framework to build from.

He took the original parts, the Jews, dusted them off, restored them and added to their number new after market products called, Gentiles.

He gave them men with special talents and gifts for the purpose of building up the body.  Men with talents of administration to organize the work.  Men with a passion to make this vehicle run.

He put a new engine in this vehicle that would provide the power.  The engine is called Holy Spirit.

This new engine would not run on the old fuel called the law but would run on a new high test fuel called love. The engine is lubricated with the oil of Joy, Peace and Grace to keep its parts from wearing out.

The assembly of this vehicle is complete and yet God is still tweaking it replacing parts and adding people from every generation with new energy and enthusiasm.  Once He has ignited the flame in your heart you can’t help but attach yourself to the body and get ready to run.

This vehicle comes in many colors and a variety of options able to reach people of every nation. God is still the sponsor who supplies everything we need.

Are you ready to hop in and run the race He has called you to?



If you are here and you don’t know Christ and maybe you know you have been running under your own steam for too long and you have been running down the road sputtering and leaking oil.  Then it is time to pull into Jesus’ Garage.  Everyone He touches He makes brand new.

2 Corinthians 5:17 if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things passed away; behold, new things have

For Tired Believers:

If you are here and you have been sitting in the garage too long and you are feeling a little rusty. Then get out and get connected to new parts of the body and catch their enthusiasm and spirit.

Ministry Leaders 

If you are leading a men’s or women’s ministry, then know this, anything God has given us the passion to do can be an effective ministry.  Ours happens to be about cars, yours could be carpentry or sewing or books or computers.  The idea is to connect with people in their passions and lead them to Christ through relationships.