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Rebuilding Generations

About Us

Formed by Kevin Keep, My Deals LLC to bring young and older men together to work on projects side by side. Our goal is that both age groups involved will come out of this project with a greater appreciation for one another.

At Rebuilding Generations we want to help bridge the gap between the young and older generations and the respect they have for one another.  Too many young people these days look at the “older generation” and think that they don’t know anything and don’t understand today’s generation and modern technologies.  Then there is the “older generation” that looks at the youth and sees a lack of respect and personalization with always having their phone in their hands, texting, Facebooking, and Tweeting.  With this program, we are hoping that with the opportunity that the youth get to work side by side with the “Old Guys” and come to realize what a Wealth of Knowledge and Wisdom they have to offer not only in the automotive world, but in just plain old life experience.  In addition we are excited to have the youth teach the “Old Guy” about Social Media and its significant importance in today’s marketing, and how fast news of things both great and bad can reach so many.

When trying to come up with ideas of how to get the two together, it hit Kevin that rebuilding a car together would be an effective and exciting way to get both of them to come to do it.  The idea of restoring and modifying a car gives both of them a chance to learn and teach one another as well as trust one another and hopefully build some relationships that can last for years to come.  Our hope is that those involved with this program will take away from it a new found respect and care for another, share about their experience with their peers, and continue to help them understand the passion they will now have.

We know that this program is going to be successful and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us at Rebuilding Generations.  Our dream is that we would be able to take this model of a program and help implement it in other youth programs across the nation.  It is exciting to think that in a couple of years we could have four to five other youth ministries doing the same style program with cars and ultimately have a “Rebuilding Generations” build off that could be judged at SEMA by industry icons.   We feel that this program can positively impact the automotive industry by getting these youth interested in the field and creating not only industry consumers, but hopefully industry professionals as well.

One of our most exciting things to see is what God has in store for everyone involved.  The mentoring of the youth by the “Old Guys” is already starting to have its effect.  We have a father and step son that are involved in the program and through this they are now talking and starting to repair a relationship that otherwise might not have taken place.  We have another young man that has had no father figure in his life for many years and just the other day he said that he got chills when he was chosen for the program and can’t wait to have some real men in his life.  There are so many great things that this program has to offer and we can’t wait to see the lives it is going to touch.

God Bless,

The Guys at Rebuilding Generations.